Top 7 Alternatives For ‘CricHD’ Live Streaming


In today’s world, a large number of people have an excessive zeal for sports conducted internationally. People compromise their sleep in order to watch live streaming of sports matches like Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or T20 World Cup.

Sports have become a connecting link between people globally, no matter what religion, creed, or caste they belong. On trains to airports, people often find common topics for conversation in sports.

In this highly sports enthused world, how can one bear the loss of not watching one’s favorite sports match? Missing one’s favorite sports match because of traveling; attending a boring office dinner or taking family shopping is no more an issue.

Watching sports is no more restricted to living rooms or cozy bedrooms.  CricHD live streaming is one of the most loved websites by sports devotees. It allows one to watch sports anywhere and everywhere for free.

Its name sounds like it is restricted to the streaming of cricket matches but that is not the case. CricHD provides online live streaming of different sports played in different countries.

For example, matches conducted by the Women’s Tennis Association or motor racing championships like Formula One World Championship or Pro League football matches conducted in Saudi Arabia.

Netherlands, and other countries or road cycling tours like UCI Men’s World Tour among others. But, security issues often restrict people from using

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Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live Streaming

There are other websites and applications which provide live streaming of sports on portable devices and are completely safe for use. Some of these websites are listed below-

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the most famous streaming services in India. It is owned by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India.

Hotstar allows its customers live streaming of sports and claims to keep them updated with the fastest live cricket scores.

On Hotstar, sport devotes are not only open to living streaming but highlights, match replays, popular cricket video clips, and old matches for free.

It is completely safe to use and easy to handle. It can be used directly through the browser and the application is also available for android and iOS devices.

2. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a service provided by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to UK-based viewers. It is for free and one of the most reliable services for sports devotees.

It is available on a range of operating systems like Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and others which is a delight to its customers. It has been providing live streaming services to its customers for more than a decade now.


Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd owns a demand service named SONY LIV. SONY LIV is available on a range of platforms like Android, iOS, Smart Televisions, and other devices.

Apart from streaming famous sports like cricket and football, SONY LIV also streams other sports like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Tennis, and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

4. Laola1.TV

Laola1.TV is an international online sports streaming platform based in Vienna, Austria. It has been popular among sports devotees for more than two decades internationally.

It provides fast streaming unlike other platforms and thus, is one of the favorites among people who watch sports on their portable devices.

5. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the oldest and the most famous online streaming websites for sports devotees for more than three decades. It is a television channel that can be accessed through the browser as well.

Sky Sports provides the best quality videos at fast speed. It is user-friendly and safe to use on personal devices, thus it has managed to make a large audience.

6. MyLiveCricket

My Live Cricket has different servers which take the sports devotees to their right destination. It works through links which display the name of the cricket match or series being streamed.

For example, the link might consist of initials like “IPL” for the Indian Premier League and or “T20 World Cup” for the world cup matches conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

7. VipBox

VipBox provides online live stream sports on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. It is completely free and thus, loved by sports devotees.

It provides the live streaming of a wide range of sports (You name it and you have it!) like football, cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, volleyball, rugby among many others.

The website often redirects to the home page because of some broken links. But, the continual use makes the process of watching sports peacefully for free.

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Every sport has become a religion for a group of people from around the world and it is followed passionately by them. The reality and unpredictability of sports are the qualities that attract the people most and make sports dear to them.

The above content provides an insight into the alternatives of CricHD which will be of much use to all the sports fanatics around the globe. The online live streaming in some of them is for free of cost while others provide limited content for free.

But the best part about using these websites or applications is that one can watch his or her favorite matches whenever and wherever one wants. These websites diminish the boundaries of television sets and set up boxes making sports accessible to people anywhere.


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