How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Android & iOS


As time is passing development can be seen in all sorts of industries. One such industry that has experienced massive development is the gaming industry. Now the games are created with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Pokemon Go is one of those few mobile games based on Augmented Reality.

The game uses your GPS location and the user can locate Pokemons in real life and capture them. Then the users can train and fight battles with those Pokemons.

Many gamers have played and really appreciated this game but what they despised was the fact that like every other gaming application this game has some error of its own.

One such error faced by the users is “Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate”. You can usually see this error while trying to log in to the game. Due to this error gamers are unable to login. Though the developers have not created a permanent solution for the error, there are few ways that can help you to fix this issue.

Method 1: Check Airplane Mode Status

The first and one of the easiest solutions for any error faced while gaming is your network connection. For fixing this you have to follow the steps given below:

STEP 1: At first, Close the Pokemon Go app.

STEP 2: Next, proceed with device settings.

STEP 3: Navigate and turn on Airplane Mode.

STEP 4: Afterwards, restart the game.

STEP 5: Now, go to the Airplane Mode option and turn it off.

STEP 6: At last, go to the game and log in again.

Method 2: Check Pokemon Go Server Status

Another one of the most common issues faced by large-scale online games is a crashed server. A server usually crashes when many users try to log in at one time. When the server crashes users are temporarily now allowed to access that particular website or application. So to confirm that this is the reason behind your error, go to the Pokemon go server status and check.

Method 3: Create Force Stop and again Launch Game

Another method is that you can force stop the game, and then launch it again. As we know that both the Android and Apple devices work differently it is given that there are different instructions for Android and iOS devices. Listed below is the step for fixing the issue in both devices:

Android –

STEP 1: At first, Go to Settings.

STEP 2: Next, navigate the option Apps.

STEP 3: Now, look for the game Pokemon go.

STEP 4: At last click on the force stop option.

iPhone –

STEP 1: At first, Tap twice on your phone screen to see the list of recently used applications.

STEP 2: Next, Close the Pokemon Go game and then re-launch it.

Method 4: Try to Login with Google Account

Initially, a beginner user login with their Pokemon Go Trainer Club Account as it is usually recommended, but they might see the “Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate” error. To solve this error you can switch your account from a Pokemon Go Trainer Club Account to a Google account. Now try to log in and verify if the error is still there.

Method 5: Check your Saved Password

We all have different Google Accounts on our device, but initially, we logged in from one account, and then maybe the next time we started the game we might be logged into another account, and hence we might not be able to launch the game. To deal with this, log out of all the other accounts and login to only your Pokemon Go account and try to launch the game.

Method 6: You Clear Caches on your device

For better working of the game, you should keep clearing your caches time after time. When you don’t clear your cache sometimes the device starts lagging, hanging and as a result, the device does not work properly. For clearing the cache you have to follow some simple steps:

STEP 1: At first, Go to Settings.

STEP 2: Next, navigate the option Apps.

STEP 3: Now, look for the game Pokemon go. STEP 4: At last click on the clear the cache option.

STEP 5: Finally, launch the game again.

Method 7: You on iOS 9 or iOS 10? Check.

It is very important for you to update your device from time to time as some developers add a feature so that you can not launch the game without updating your device. If you have upgraded your Pokemon Go version to 1.73.3, you will not be able to use the game with iOS 9. In order to, use the game you will have to update your device to iOS 10.

Method 8: Get help from the Pokemon team

All the applications provide you with a support page, where you can share your problem with the team and they will provide you with a solution. When you have tried all the methods discussed and still you have not reached the solution. Then you can go to the support page of Nintendo. On this page, you can directly share your problem with the developers or the Pokemon Go Team. They might give you the solution best suited to your problem.


The Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error is the source of frustration among many of this game users, and it is also reported frequently. If you are someone fed up with seeing this error again and again and if you are looking for a solution to this error, you have come to the right place.

The provided 8 methods are not always served as permanent methods and they only serve you for a short period but they are surely effective and easily implementable.

The gaming industry witnesses some sort of progress each day. The Testers never stop looking for problems and the programmers are always trying to find the solutions. Hopefully, we will be provided with a permanent solution for our error soon.


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